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Ivy & Ty by Breanna Renee

Date: 12/02/2020
Life for the young and beautiful Ivy Richardson takes a dramatic turn for the worst when a murder is committed right before her eyes. Terrified, she takes off running in the other direction, afraid that...
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Date: 11/27/2020
Yara Moreland was a complex woman, full of mystery, compassion and way too much love. She would do anything for her husband, including going to jail for ten years. When she's released things aren't the...
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Torn Hearts by Valenciya Lyons

Date: 11/28/2020
Hazel, a recent college graduate, donates a kidney to save her ailing boyfriend only to discover he has been cheating with her younger sister. With two relationships in shambles, she moves out of her parents’...
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Treasure in Exile by S.W. Hubbard

Date: 11/24/2020
A reclusive heiress…a loyal servant…a mansion frozen in time. After her husband’s plane goes down in a WWII battle, a poor nurse becomes the wealthiest widow in town. And she never leaves her mansion for...
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The Other Shore by Tracy A. Ball

Date: 12/12/2020
Sometimes two wrongs are the only way to make it right.Power-couple Angela and Mitchell Point wanted to build a family. Instead, they got torn apart and pieced together separately. Without warning, their old and new...
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