In this enchanting tale, Princess Sallina, a young unicorn from a distant realm, embarks on a vital mission to save her homeland. Through a celestial portal, she arrives on Earth in an English forest. To fulfil her mission, Sallina, now in human form, enrols in a secondary school and forges an alliance with Szymon, another unicorn transformed into a human. Their shared objective is to aid Professor Tinzy, a renowned unicorn who serves on the Council of Unimages, in recovering his lost memories and obtaining a potent magical life-force that has been depleted in their homeland. They race against time to prevent a colossal meteor from annihilating their entire civilization. However, their quest is riddled with challenges, as they must confront rival factions vying for the mystical substance known as Pinny. Hidden dangers lurk around every corner. As the story unfolds, Princess Sallina grapples with finding her way in a strange land and coping with her world being turned upside down. Her ability to distinguish true allies from apparent adversaries becomes crucial, not only for her own destiny but also for the fate of all the unicorns in her homeland.
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