Affirmation Alchemy by Dean Whiteside

Affirmation Alchemy draws on over a decade of knowledge from a vibration analyst who discovered, within the working world, that the law of attraction was real. Then, with this knowledge, became dedicated to finding the secret to manifesting your dream life. This book reveals how the law of attraction is real, its physics not fiction, and how a simple application of physics when crafting affirmations can correctly harness the law of attraction in your favour. The powerful framework of this process ensures you not only know how to step onto the resonating frequency of your desires but also how to stay magnetically aligned with them, pulling them into your reality. In this book, you will discover how to use this simple affirmation process and effortlessly incorporate it into every aspect of your life - success, money, relationships, health, and happiness. This book is more than a guide; it's a practical toolbox that helps you effortlessly access the unseen natural resonating energies of the universe. This is a hands-on approach to implementing the effortless power of attraction into your daily routine.
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