Far away in an alternative universe named Clastonia where magic has a mysterious but explainable origin. 820 years after it evolved, two talented sorceresses fight for good and evil. The evil sorceress is a monster named Phobix with a head shaped like a star and wishes to rule the world with dark magic and her army of evil monsters. The good sorceress is the world's most unlikely heroine who only wishes to lead a normal life. She's a nerdy elf by the name of Amy Woolruffe and works as a librarian in the city of Sunchester. (No, the books she checks out aren't magic.) She is forced to become a heroine when the city she works in is attacked by Phobix's magic. Not alone in her quest, her friends are her younger sister, a human who once lived on Earth, a dragon, and a goblin. Will she succeed?
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