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Have you always dreamed of becoming an author? Do you want to build your business, get high-paying leads on autopilot, and beat your competition?
Fearless Author will teach you everything you need to know about how to launch and market your own eBook fearlessly.

Whether your goal is to achieve your dream of becoming an author or you want to skyrocket your business by using your book as your “Ultimate Business Card," this no-fluff guide will show you a plan you can implement quickly.

When you use the free printable Book Launch & Marketing Checklist that you can download on my website (see inside book for link), you won’t even have to take notes unless you want to.

Discover how to:

-Build your email list on autopilot

-Use beta readers to improve your book

-Get reviews

-Get editorial reviews

-Choose the best categories and keywords

-Launch your eBook

-Market your book consistently long-term

-Use permafree books to build your fan base

You will also discover:

-Why you need an email list

-How to make it easy and fun for your beta readers

-Why you should give away your book(s) for free to your email list

-How to use KDP free promotions

-How to build continue to build your email list, drive readers to your other eBooks, get readers to “like” your Facebook page, and get reviews from readers all on autopilot through your eBook(s).

-Plus SO much more!

Bonus Material Includes:

-The questionnaire I send to my beta readers

-The experts I hire

-The Book Launch and Marketing Checklist

-The Permafree Book Checklist

-A list of links to various helpful resources used throughout the book

-PLUS a list of free eBook sites you can market your eBook on!

Download the FREE Fearless Author printable Book Launch & Marketing Checklist at

Let me show you exactly how I launched 3 bestselling eBooks before the age of 25!


“…The list of places to promote your book along with the marketing checklist is well worth the cost of this eBook.” -Nicole Cruz, proofreader

“...I can’t begin to tell you what a pearl this book is for self-publishing authors. I honestly could not put this book down; I read it from cover to cover until after midnight. The author has a wealth of knowledge on this topic; I can’t believe how much I learned from her tonight!  She even gives webinars and does live events for authors..." –Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D., Amazon Bestselling Author

"I read nearly every book on self-publishing, and I can say that this one has information the others don’t have. Become a Fearless Author now!” -Ray Brehm, Bestselling Author of The Author Startup

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