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"I shouldn’t have agreed to the procedure. I shouldn't have signed my name, but who didn't?" from The Curse of a Heartbeat

"I lived in a small, simple flat, almost devoid of life. The front of the building was as the face of one who perished. The windows were his clouded eyes, and the door his gaping mouth. Even the smell of the place seemed to remind most of a rotting corpse. The place complimented me well, as I am one who was, and is, close to Death."from When Old Men Hang

“You want this?” I held it out to him. He reached out and took it, but it dropped straight through his hand. I collapsed, shaking, to the ground, crawling backward, my hands slipping in the mud (and God knows what else)." from When Young Men Die


This book is a collection of five short stories selected by the author Michael Henderson. They were written sporadically over a span of seven years, between 2015 and 2022.

The collection is composed of five stories, "When Old Men Hang," "The Curse of a Heartbeat," "The Lost Biologist," "When Young Men Die," and "The City and the Devil.".

The content in this collection is for adults. The stories contain disturbing imagery.

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