Flames of Eader by Carina Steinbakk

Do you believe in magic? Do you have that nagging feeling that there has to be more out there? Are you still waiting on that letter from Hogwarts, wishing you could enrol at Basgiath, or thinking you might have a godly parent and you should be off to camp-halfblood? Read on! We all know that there should be a balance between light and darkness. However, in recent years, the increase in violence, terrorism, wars, and hatred has given more power to the Darkness. Now imagine a barrier that protects us from this Darkness. Eader is that realm that shields the Earth. However, Eader is gradually becoming weak. In the battle between light and darkness, darkness is slowly gaining the upper hand. Enter Grey O'Shearan, a reclusive nerd living on Earth, who then quite unexpectedly finds himself in the magical realm of Eader. Why does Grey find his way to Eader? What role does he play in the battle between light and darkness? Will he, a man who tries to stay away from people, be able to trust the ones he meets in Eader? Most importantly, will Grey be able to save Eader, and in the process, Earth?
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