Jenny’s Life With Encephalitis by Her Loving Mother

The story is about a young woman Jenny who survived a terrible illness called encephalitis when she was a young child at age four and half years, leaving her with a mental disability. Since childhood, she showed great courage, resiliance and humour at a very dark hour of her life. Her parents were her strength and they strove through their life without complaint and tried to make her happy. Her courage, endurance and intelligence were all remarkable. There was something decidedly masculine about the way Jenny showed so little emotion under stress, but she was feminine in other ways. Jenny suffered injustice when she became a mother, as she fell for the wrong partner in her life, who did not help her, but took advantage of her vulnerability. With the help of the Childrens Social Services, this partner David, destroyed Jenny, her family and also her two sons life. This short story is a cry for vulnerable women and mothers, who in the name of Human Rights do not get any help from any professionals and Childrens Social Services do not care for the children, who are barbarically taken from the mothers, and being deprived of mothers love.
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