We were academic rivals in medical school. And finding a cure for cancer was our passion. But now I'm a hospital volunteer and Lucas is my billionaire bossy doctor.

Lucas Durand is extremely wealthy and has an elegantly masculine silhouette. He carries himself in an upright posture and makes crisp, efficient movements.

He has the world at his fingertips and can get whatever he wants, except me.

I had to juggle three jobs to keep my head above water. And becoming a doctor is just a fantasy.

But I can't resist looking at him as he does his morning rounds.

I have to admit, I missed him. Together, we would've made an excellent team.

But fate has an odd way of bringing me closer to my dreams.

Is it really my dream or just back to Lucas?

I can be debt-free and become the phenomenal doctor I ever wanted... but there's a catch.

Will I swallow my pride? Will Lucas become the man and doctor I need him to be?

Will there be a second chance for both of us?

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