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“I’m one of the ninety-percent who, for a brief time, got to live like the one percent.”

Ask a group of little kids what their dream job is and most will tell you they want to be a professional athlete. Their chances of actually becoming one, however, are less than one percent. Of those who do make it, the vast majority won’t last for more than three years.

Jeff Ogden was one of those rare few, overcoming a series of obstacles to have a five-year career with the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, and Baltimore Ravens. Growing up in the small-town of Snohomish, in Washington State, Jeff appeared to be the last person who would play in the NFL, due in large part to the physical challenges he faced from birth. It was through a lot of hard work, inner reflection, faith, and the love of family that he entered the exclusive world of professional sports and played alongside some of the best athletes in the world.

This book is a mix of anecdotes from his life—many uplifting and funny, others heartbreaking—and exercises designed to help the reader to identify and overcome their own challenges. Told with humor, humility and gratitude, Jeff’s story is a testament to what the ordinary person can do when they are willing to do the work. More importantly, it is a playbook for anyone who thinks their goals are unattainable or their challenges insurmountable.

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