Crisis under the Sahara Sun by Fozila Chowdhry

Date: 04/12/2024
It is the summer of 1975. A small group of tourists make their way over to Morocco from different parts of England, together they form a group of much wanted friendship and camaraderie. Only time...
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The Devil’s Tapestry by Barbara Cole

Date: 04/10/2024
'Brilliantly written' and 'very intriguing,' Eve Laird, Women's Aid It's 19th century England. Women have few rights, no vote, and the law offers scant protection. When home is a dangerous place, what does a woman...
Date: 03/10/2024
Optio Lucius Petronius is living a nightmare. Jewish rebels under their charismatic leader, Shimeon bar Kokhbar, have driven his legion from Judaea, capturing the Imperator Hadrian’s new colony of Aelia Capitolina. The legion may have...
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The Pied Pipers Be Brave by John Newman

Date: 01/07/2024
After victory of the Great War in 1918 events took place that could only be described as supernatural. The German army once spoke of an evil and powerful force that terrorized the battlefields of Belgium...
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Promise Me Christmas by Virginia Rifkin

Date: 12/18/2023
The nights are growing longer and the winter snows are coming—Darkenwald Castle is under siege. Lord Guy Blackthorne is prepared to lay down his life for his children, his wife, and all who seek his...
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Date: 12/14/2023
In 15th century England, there are two cousins, both the daughters of dukes, both widowed young, both the mother of sons called Henry.Both are named Margaret Beaufort.One Margaret’s son will be a future King.The other...
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The Bowman Boys by D.W. Ulsterman

Date: 12/01/2023
A father and his four sons fight to survive and thrive during the time of Prohibition. The Bowman Boys is a raucous mix of action, mystery, and romance.

The Deseret Reckoning by Matthew Huffman

Date: 11/28/2023
"This irresistible novel manages the curious trick of making the reader want to stand up and cheer... A transformative tale of personal reinvention from a masterful storyteller." - Kirkus Reviews (Kirkus Star) "... a thoughtful...
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Bladefoot: Apocalypse by David Pratt

Date: 11/13/2023
Silver, a male Alaskan Troodon expelled from his family, embarks on a journey to find a new tribe. Along the way, he meets his life partner, Alyx. Many adventures ensue in their search for their...
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Margaret’s Last Prayer by Gary Baysinger

Date: 09/26/2023
Fourteen-year-old Margaret Laemmer's path crossed with two gypsy boys in a daring rescue. Little did she know that it would set a chain of events spanning generations in motion. As a reward for her selfless...