Feet Pose Maven by Baroque Medusa

Date: 01/12/2024
Step into the sultry world of “Feet Pose Maven”, a debut monthly series that unravels the titillating tale of a young woman entangled in a transactional foot-focused friendship. Unbeknownst to her, she is thrust into...
Date: 12/02/2023
One unforgettable night, boundaries crossed and there was no uncrossing them. Smokey Woods Ranch Owner, Wyatt Cody was the sight I needed. Cowboy hat for the win. On the outside we’re complete opposites, I’m a...
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Date: 11/15/2023
Who says being on the naughty list has to be a bad thing? Dive into these three scorching hot, standalone Christmas romances that all come with a filthy talking hero and a satisfying happily ever...

Only (Fans) Fund$ by Baroque Medusa

Date: 11/14/2023
In a time where social media can be the sole source of income, ride shotgun on a Content Creator’s journey to fame and freedom. Witness how Alexandrite retires her angelic halo, in order to give...

Secrets of the Moon by Kristy Centeno

Date: 10/31/2023
Two brothers. One destiny. A family secret that can unleash a pandora’s box in a small town already plagued with mysterious disappearances. Teenager Marjorie Emery eluded death. For thirteen months she’s struggled to get her...

Love From Two Worlds by Karlina Dunston

Date: 08/25/2023
Love From Two Worlds is a one-way conversation between two lovers from different worlds. These poems are some of my personal experiences that I have had with a lover. One lover is desperately trying to...
Date: 05/17/2023
Mackenzie is my best friend's little sister. Off-limits in more ways than one. But I spent my football career bending the rules... and she's too tempting to resist. I should know better than to fall for...
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That Touch by Alexis Winter

Date: 05/02/2023
I didn’t mean to fall in love with my best friend’s wife.We were just kids when it happened.Now, a decade and a half later she and I have bonded over tragedy—she lost the love of...
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Highest Bidder by K.C. Crowne

Date: 04/13/2023
A million dollar bid for an hour with me...Brings me face to face with the an magnetic man with a heart colder than Everest. A man who later earns the title: Baby Daddy.  He's dark, commanding, and...
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$0.99 $4.99
Date: 01/11/2023
He's an overprotective cowboy. She has a stalker. Will he be her knight in shining armor?SarahI have a secret. I’ve been in love with a cowboy since I was 16.For years I wouldn’t admit it...
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